Astreea Caribbean Igloo Large Mosquito Cover

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The Caribbean cover is an Umbrella top that is a weatherproof sunshade that attaches to the top section of two part poles on the Igloo frame. 

PLEASE NOTE this is just a cover, no Igloo frame is included in this product.

The netting panels attach via Velcro to the Umbrella and each other to create a complete dome. But with multiple ways to style this cover, it can create many different outdoor shelters to protect you from the elements. 

Size options | Caribbean Cover comes in three sizes to fit your Medium, Large or Extra Large Igloo.

Medium = Packaging box 1 for cover: 1200x750x100mm

Large = Packaging box 1 for cover: 1200x750x100mm

Extra Large = Packaging box 1 for cover: 1200x750x100mm

  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple display options
  • Cooler option to Oslo for summer
  • Provides shelter from the heat
  • Breathable fabric
  • Luxury style at affordable price
  • Option to have privacy
  • Mosquito nets
More Information
Lead Time 3-5 Days
Width 3.72m
Height 2.5m
Built In Draws No

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