School And Nursery Mirrors

School Mirrors

Here at Seated Furniture Online, we have a variety of mirrors for schools and nurseries. Our school mirrors are great accessories to enhance your existing nursery furniture. Our mirrors for school and nursery range from both mounted and free standing, we also have double sided storage units with mirrors, we even have outdoor painting mirrors perfect for children to tap into their imagination with, and they are really easy to clean! This is just one of many school mirrors that are great fun for your early years/pupils we have other imaginative school mirrors like triangle floor mirrors, dome convex mirror panels, they provide great fun whilst providing children with opportunities for observation of themselves and objects around them, browse through our extensive range so your pupils can explore something new in your school or nursery space. At Seated Furniture Online we understand that products like school mirrors can experience a lot of wear and tear, we’ve ensured our mirrors are scratch resistant to combat this. 

We also have some amazing dressing up stations with durable plastic safety mirrors in a number of different colours. Or why not choose from one of our fantastic bundles we have on offer, like our dressing up trolley and free-standing mirror bundle. At Seated Furniture Online we have a great understanding and concern for early years and your pupils safety, this is why all of our school mirrors are plastic safety mirrors to prevent any risk or hazards from occurring, although we are minimizing the risk for injury, we have not compromised on the quality of our products, they are very high quality and made to last years to come. 

Browse through our extensive range of school mirrors and find a perfect pick for your school or nursery space. We have a great team of friendly professionals who would be delighted to assist you with any questions you may have. If you need help with picking the right set of school mirrors to further improve your existing nursery furniture, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today!

If you are looking to have a high quantity order, we have a team ready to assist you with any spatial planning you may need. We also have professional installation to offer you if you require this, and thousands of our products come with free delivery, get in touch with us today!

Improve your current Seated Furniture storage with our extensive range of mirror accessories to compliment your existing nursery furniture from laptop and tablet charging units to coat stands and art drying racks. For assistance on how to maximise your storage potential, contact a member of our specialist sales team.

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  1. Early Years Wooden Outdoor Move Along Mirror

    As low as £228.40 £190.33
  2. Early Years Grey Cloud Shaped Wall Mounted Mirror

    As low as £160.32 £133.60
  3. Early Years Kinder Active Play - Adventure Trail Set

    As low as £748.80 £624.00
  4. Early Years Kinder Active Play - Shimmer Trail Set

    As low as £470.40 £392.00
  5. Basic Dressing up Trolley plus Freestanding Mirror

    As low as £280.00 £233.33
  6. Millhouse Mini Small World Zone

    As low as £1,598.40 £1,332.00
  7. Early Years City Wooden Mirror Blocks Construction Set

    As low as £137.72 £114.77
  8. Early Years Galaxy Dressing Up Mirror

    As low as £220.80 £184.00
  9. Millhouse Wooden Low Mirror Play Table and Storage Unit

    As low as £430.40 £358.67
  10. Millhouse Early Years Storage Unit with Mirror

    As low as £456.00 £380.00
  11. Early Years Galaxy Dressing Up Station

    As low as £254.40 £212.00
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