Early Years 1M Interactive Sensory Bubble Tube with Remote Control - 150mm Diametre

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Early Years 1M Interactive Sensory Bubble Tube with Remote Control - 150mm Diametre

The Interactive Bubble Tube is the perfect water based tube that uses switch access control. A very popular piece of sensory equipment that works well in an active sensory room. Using the Sensory Remote Control gives the user the ability to turn on and off the bubbles resulting in cause and effect learning as well as promoting visual tracking skills. There are four coloured buttons and one central white button (to control the bubbles) on the Sensory Remote Control, it is ideal for wheelchair· users because of its portability. Simply charge the controller when required using the included charge pack.

Using the Dice Remote Control is ideal for a more active sensory experience. The soft padding of the dice allows the user to roll the dice on the floor, the colour face it lands on will change the colour of the bubble tube to that corresponding colour. Using specially designed software the dice is able to track its movement to the colour of the bubble tube.

An Interactive Bubble Tube is designed to work with one of our interactive controllers: The Sensory Remote Control or the Dice Controller. These devices are fully compatible with the Interactive Bubble Tube as they are used to change the colour of the lights and flow of the bubbles.

Adding a playful and interactive dimension to a bubble tube is a great way to keep users focussed whilst engaging their gross and fine motor skills.

Using a Sensory Remote Control with the bubble tube adds further switch access compatibility thanks to its five 3.5mm jack sockets. You can use existing switch access that would benefit those who have limited mobility.

  • Long lasting LEDs and air pump
  • Sensory Remote Control or Dice Controller compatible
  • Low voltage power supply
  • Easy to empty and fill for cleaning
  • Robust PVC tube provides strength against hard knocks
  • Available in 1m to 2m lengths
  • Can also be used as a Passive Bubble Tube
More Information
Product Type Sensory Tube
Guarantee 1 Year
Pack Size 1
Lead Time 4-6 Weeks
Width (mm) 150
Height (mm) 1000
Indoor No
Outdoor No
Sensory No
Sensory No