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At Seated Furniture Online, we have an extensive range of high-quality church seating. We have a strong understanding that picking and planning the appropriate seating for your community setting is of great importance, we want to assist you with making sure you provide the best service for your community. At Seated Furniture Online our church seating range varies from traditional wooden chairs to lightweight metal stacking chairs, the majority of our church seating also come in a variety of different colours to choose from and a number of bespoke finishes.

A number of our church seating come with plastic skid feet, this improves stability and avoids floor marking which is great for longer services as there is often a lot of sitting down and standing up, the plastic skid feet ensure chairs do not topple or damage your flooring. A significant amount of our church seating is designed with a curved back, this is to provide the user with a better posture to prevent any back pain and ultimately ensures the users overall comfort. For example, one of our chapel chairs with a curved back is our Florence Fabric Seat Visitor Chair with Arms, this is an ideal selection for your community space, with use of up to 8 hours, our church seating provides users with long lasting comfort.

A wide range of our church seating also come with a number of customisable options, you can choose from fabric or plastic backing and with or without arms depending on your requirements. Cost Cutters church seating are multifunctional as many of our range are able to be folded or stacked, this is great for when you need to access the flooring area to clean or a great way of making the most of your storage space.

At Seated Furniture Online we also have a number of bundles on offer for our customers, pick from 40-60 chairs with a range of different backs to choose from, they also come in a number of different colours depending on your preference, the bundle includes a hanging trolley which is a great product that enables the user to stack chairs away with ease or set up chairs in a efficient manner. At Seated Furniture Online we like to give our customers better value for money, with our bulk buy offers, the more quantity you purchase you should be eligible for a bulk buy discount with us, so make sure you check your cart on checkout! Get in touch with one of our friendly professionals today!


Within a church and village hall setting we understand that choosing the correct seating is vital. Explore our formal, folding and stacking chair range to best suit your community setting and space requirements. We offer a range of traditional wooden church chairs and lightweight metal stacking chairs which are available in a range of colours and bespoke finishes.

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  1. Maestro High Density Stacking Chair

    As low as £100.19 £83.49
  2. Zlite Fan Back Folding Chair

    As low as £23.69 £19.74
  3. Zlite 40 x Fan Back Folding Chair & Flat Bed Trolley Deal

    As low as £1,114.28 £928.57
  4. Contour Stacking Benches

    As low as £92.44 £77.03
  5. Zlite 40 x Straight Back Folding Chair & Flat Bed Trolley Bundle

    As low as £1,051.94 £876.62
  6. Zlite 60 x Straight Back Folding Chair & Hanging Trolley Deal

  7. 60 x Zlite Fan Back Chair & Hanging Trolley Bundle

    As low as £1,628.57 £1,357.14
  8. Origin Lotus 4 Leg Chair

    As low as £69.31 £57.76
  9. Mogo Comfort Padded Folding Chair

    As low as £46.19 £38.49
  10. ZLITE High Density Multi-Purpose Stacking Chair

    As low as £140.26 £116.88
  11. ZLITE High Density Chair Stacking Trolley

    As low as £350.65 £292.21
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