Outdoor Storage

At Seated Furniture Online we have a great selection of outdoor storage furniture for you to choose from. We have lots of different designs and styles available, for all kinds of sectors, including commercial and educational outdoor storage furniture. So, we are confident that we will have what you’re searching for!

At Seated Furniture Online we have a fantastic range of outdoor storage furniture. Whether you’re looking for storage for commercial, educational or home use, we will have what you’re looking for! Our outdoor storage furniture is available in all kind of shape, sizes, colours and designs. For example, we have colourful designs available which are great for schools, made from plastic or metal. The colours available include, green, blue, red, black and purple just to name a few! We also have wooden finishes available as well. 

A selection of our outdoor storage furniture is also available as flat pack, as well as having fully assembled items as well. So, choose which suits you best.

 We have multiple different designs available, for multiple different purposes. For example, we have cycle storage units, outdoor metal sheds, storage cupboards with trays and many more designs. Most designs are available in different sizes, so make sure you check out the product description when looking at the item.

Our outdoor storage furniture also comes with a guarantee of up to 5 years. At Seated Furniture Online our outdoor storage furniture is manufactured by high quality brands, such as Cosy Direct, Profile Education and Asgard. Therefore, they are guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting products. Why not have a browse around for your outdoor storage furniture from Seated Furniture Online today, in just a few clicks!

If you’re looking to purchase multiple outdoor storage furniture, we do offer special deals. This includes bulk buy discount. We value our customers highly, that’s why we offer special deals, as we understand that purchasing large quantities of these items could be expensive. As well as bulk buy discounts we also offer free site consultation, free planning service and professional installation. This helps make the buying and installation process of buying the outdoor storage furniture considerably easier.

So, if you are interested in any of these deals, then why not get in touch with our friendly team of experts online today?

If you’re after some new outdoor storage furniture, whether it may be for your home or work, then why not order it online today from us at Seated Furniture Online. We’re a trustworthy and reliable online furniture seller!

To suit the needs of educational and commercial sectors we provide a variety of outdoor storage, from organisation for play toys which is weather proof to robust and secure metal units.

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  1. Early Years Outdoor Wooden Welly Shed - Assembled

    As low as £668.05 £556.71
  2. Early Years Wooden Outdoor Bike Shed with Storage

    As low as £821.59 £684.66
  3. Early Years Wooden Outdoor Big Block Storage Trolley

    As low as £326.09 £271.74
  4. Early Years Outdoor Loose Parts Shed

    As low as £2,471.83 £2,059.86
  5. Early Years Outdoor Redwood Tilt Tote Storage Unit with 6 Clear Tubs

    Special Price £524.80 £437.33 Regular Price £585.60 £488.00
  6. Timotay Outdoor Playground Timber Storage Unit

    As low as £1,080.23 £900.19
  7. Early Years Wooden Outdoor Double Sided Mobile Welly Storage Trolley

    Special Price £659.20 £549.33 Regular Price £706.80 £589.00
  8. Large Plastic Outdoor Locker with Padlock - Single Locker Only

    As low as £316.79 £263.99
  9. Modular Jumbo Plastic All Weather Locker with Padlock - Single Locker Only

    As low as £331.15 £275.96
  10. Recycled Plastic Secure Outdoor BykeBin Bike Storage Unit

    As low as £1,018.93 £849.11
  11. Outdoor Wooden Playground Storage Chest

    As low as £503.32 £419.43
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