Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Encourage outdoor fitness within the local community using our range of outdoor gym equipment. Suitable for use by adults and children alike, our range encourages a healthy lifestyle amongst its users.

At Seated Furniture Online we have a wide variety of outdoor fitness equipment which is suitable for adults and children. Our range strongly promotes a healthy lifestyle to those who are seeking to tap into their fitness, as many of our fitness equipment for outside uses your own body weight as the resistance. This is a very effective way of maintaining your flexibility and balance and improving your muscle strength and tone. 

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Fitness Equipment for Outdoor

We have a wide selection of outdoor fitness equipment for children as we understand the importance of encouraging a healthy lifestyle early, whilst encouraging children to workout, there are also elements of fun activity within our products, one example is the children’s Double Strength Challenger. Our fitness equipment for children is suitable for any location, leisure centres, schools and much more, browse our range to see what would suit your space!


Our outdoor fitness equipment is very high quality with longevity in mind, our outdoor fitness equipment can withstand all weather conditions, so no covers are required! If you’re interested in discussing your plans for an outdoor fitness area, we would be delighted to take on any ideas you have and bring them to fruition. We have a strong team of professionals who would be happy to assist you with any requirements or queries you may have. Get in touch with us today!


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