Commercial Storage Lockers

At Seated Furniture Online we have an amazing range of industrial lockers available. We supply commercial businesses with high quality commercial storage lockers. We have industrial storage lockers available for everything from metal & aluminum lockers, to anti-bacterial and fire-resistant lockers. We are confident that we will have the perfect commercial storage locker that you’ve been looking for!


At Seated Furniture Online we have lockers for all kind of companies, whether you’re looking for lockers for industrial storage or a locker for a school or your home, we will have what you’re looking for. Our lockers are available in multiple different designs, colors, shapes and sizes. For example, our colorful Probe lockers look great in schools. Available in multiple different colors, such as blue, orange, red and even multi-colours! They are sure to catch the eye. Or if you work in an industry with fire hazard, we also have fire resistant lockers.


Work in an industry with harmful substances? Don’t worry we have anti-bacterial lockers available as well! Our range of lockers are available in multiple different materials. These include metal, plastic, wood and metal. So, take your pick, our lockers are guaranteed to be high-quality, reliable products, as they are manufactured by leading brands, such as Probe, Lion Steel and Theme Bins.


We stock these leading brands to ensure they will be long-lasting, durable products for you and your business. So why not browse our range of industrial lockers in just a few simple clicks!


If you’re looking to purchase multiple industrial lockers we are here to help. We understand that this can be an expensive process, that’s why we offer customers a bulk buy discount. This helps reduce the costs from purchasing a large quantity of items. We also offer free site consultation, free spatial planning services and professional installation as standard. We understand that it can be a large process trying to order multiple new lockers, that’s why we try to make everything as easy as possible for you be offering you as much support as you require. So, if you require any assistance while purchasing your lockers why not get in touch with our friendly team online today!


If you’re looking for some new industrial lockers, for industrial storage, your home, school or business why not purchase them online, from Seated Furniture Online! We are a trustworthy online furniture seller with over 30 years’ experience, meaning you can trust us with confidence to deliver!

The lockers we offer are practical and compartmental therefore ideal for multiple environments and types of storage. A customisable option is available to best suit your needs or choose from our functional standard range.

Contact our sales team today if you require assistance planning your space or would like more information on our latest bulk buy deals.

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  1. Express Delivery 8 Door Small Item Storage Locker

    As low as £273.73 £228.11
  2. Express Delivery 4 Door Small Item Storage Locker

    As low as £216.77 £180.64
  3. Express Delivery Full Height Metal Lockers

    As low as £129.90 £108.25
  4. Express Delivery Steel Work Lockers - Germ Guard Paint

    As low as £150.42 £125.35
  5. QMP Metal PPE Workplace Lockers

    As low as £158.52 £132.10
  6. Perforated Tool Charging Lockers Standard Plug

    As low as £980.60 £817.17
  7. Laptop & Tablet Charging Lockers

    As low as £899.35 £749.46
  8. Laptop & Tablet Storage Lockers

    As low as £431.88 £359.90
  9. Z Door Lockers Laminate Doors

    As low as £651.86 £543.22
  10. Z Door Lockers Steel Doors

    As low as £460.99 £384.16
  11. Flat Garment Disposal Lockers

    As low as £346.15 £288.46
  12. Flat Garment Lockers Large

    As low as £376.90 £314.08
  13. Flat Garment Lockers

    As low as £376.90 £314.08
  14. Cube Lockers

    As low as £86.26 £71.88
  15. Personal Effects Lockers

    As low as £419.65 £349.71
  16. Secure Lockers

    As low as £160.97 £134.14
  17. Perforated Door Lockers

    As low as £173.09 £144.24
  18. Perspex Door Lockers

    As low as £368.80 £307.33
  19. Laminate End Panels for Splash Laminate Lockers

    As low as £379.26 £316.05
  20. Splash Laminate Lockers

    As low as £321.90 £268.25
  21. Steel Splash Wet Area Lockers

    As low as £219.98 £183.32
  22. Full Height Premium Laminate Door Lockers

    As low as £305.72 £254.77
  23. Full Height Timber Door Lockers with Soft Close Hinges

    As low as £383.35 £319.46
  24. Executive Lockers

    As low as £410.87 £342.39
  25. Large Plastic Outdoor Locker with Padlock - Single Locker Only

    Special Price £326.84 £272.37 Regular Price £354.85 £295.71
  26. Modular Jumbo Plastic All Weather Locker with Padlock - Single Locker Only

    Special Price £365.21 £304.34 Regular Price £396.52 £330.43
  27. Probe Full Height Standard Metal Locker 1-6 Door

    As low as £116.80 £97.33
  28. Probe Low Standard Metal Locker 2-3 Door

    As low as £153.77 £128.14
  29. HERO Full Height 1-6 Door Metal Locker with Flat Top

    As low as £90.37 £75.31
  30. Flux Modular Wooden Office Locker

    As low as £216.23 £180.19
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30 Items

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