Early Years Sensory Sight Equipment and Resources

Light up your nursery or pre-school with sensory lighting to create both exciting or calming experiences. Our mesmerising light sources include interactive bubble tubes and sound activated wall panels which have multi-sensory elements. If you require any assistance to design a sensory space, contact our expert team who are happy to help. A free planning and design service is also available.

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  1. Early Years Soft Play Crescent Ring Set with Activity Arch

    As low as £204.36 £170.30
  2. Early Years Indoor Maple Investigation Table

    As low as £612.64 £510.53
  3. Early Years Indoor Investigation Play Table

    As low as £532.10 £443.42
  4. Early Years Indoor Maple Light Box Trolley

    As low as £543.16 £452.63
  5. tickit Sensory Mood Light Discovery Table

    As low as £187.19 £155.99
  6. Outdoor Playground Timotay Education Wooden Living Wall Teepee

    As low as £2,002.76 £1,668.97
  7. Timotay Education Anywhere Teepee Frame with Camo Net

    As low as £282.23 £235.19
  8. Timotay Outdoor Playground Sensory Sand Pit Den

    As low as £6,085.72 £5,071.43
  9. Timotay Outdoor Playground Wooden Sensory Sunlight Archway

    As low as £907.88 £756.57
  10. Timotay Outdoor Playground Sensory Light Tunnel Cube

    As low as £1,318.39 £1,098.66
  11. Timotay Outdoor Playground Sensory Rainbow Light Panels

    As low as £663.67 £553.06
  12. Mobile Trolley with Display and Mirror Back

    As low as £492.64 £410.53
  13. Early Years Wooden City Blocks - Coloured Mirror Blocks

    As low as £137.72 £114.77
  14. Early Years Natural Exploration Treasure Basket

    As low as £87.78 £73.15
  15. Early Years Shapes Discovery Boxes

    As low as £136.90 £114.08
  16. Early Years Colour Discovery Boxes

    As low as £137.72 £114.77
  17. Millhouse Wooden Low Mirror Play Table and Storage Unit

    As low as £442.10 £368.42
  18. Sunflower Playground Height Chart

    As low as £134.08 £111.73
  19. Giant Sensory Triangular Floor Mirror

    As low as £378.82 £315.68
  20. Children's Nursery Mirror with Handrail

    As low as £142.90 £119.08
  21. Early Years Multi - Coloured Sprinkle Sand

    As low as £63.19 £52.66
  22. Classroom Science Habitat Centre

    As low as £417.24 £347.70
  23. Mini Range Shelf Unit with Mirror

    As low as £130.55 £108.79
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Items 1-30 of 41

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